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    Tina Turner’s repertoire, like that of the other queens of Soul, brought its unique flavor to the Disco era. We have chosen to pay homage to Tina Turner’s complex personality, as a woman who was both strong and fragile at times. The Tina scented candle personifies this ambiguity with its handmade metallic glass. Its fascinating blend of colors ranging...

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    The studio 54 remains New York City’s most notorious discotheque of the 1970s. Founded by Steve Rubell and Ian Shrager, it welcomed the biggest stars of fashion, art, and music, including Andy Warhol, Yves Saint Laurent, and many others. The queens of Disco were regulars at Studio 54, where they lit up the dancefloor with their music and sheer presence....

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    Baobab Collection introduces the scented candle “Manhattan” collection, inspired by the iconic architecture of the Chrysler Building. The “Manhattan” candle narrates a new chapter of the Feathers tale, as he and his friends the Touareg and the Maasai are represented by the artist Yann Legendre on top of the Chrysler Building.

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    Gloria Gaynor becomes an icon of Disco music in 1975 with the release of her album “Never Can Say Goodbye.” The Gloria scented candle is by far the most festive of the Disco collection candles. Its handmade metallic glass contains a set of colors ranging from red to pink, a vibrant reference to the dance floors and Yves Saint Laurent dresses of that era....

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