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    The Feathers Touareg refill gives new life to your fragrance diffuser. Choose from 2 different sizes depending on the size of your diffuser. 500ml or 1L * Sticks sold separately

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    Bright orange full-grain leather adorns the Baobab Collection lighter so as to bring a unique touch of color to your interiors. A torch flame has been designed by the best of engineers in order to light larger candles. *The lighter is sold empty. Gas refills are sold separately.

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    Hand-blown by glass artisans, the glass is decorated with black and iridescent details that reference black pearls of the Pacific Ocean. The decorative and sculptural cap is made from glazed ceramic with a graphic relief, an unexpected twist that gives the bottle a tribal and ornate quality. 28 cm | 2L 36 cm | 5L

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    Aurum is a brilliant blend of yellow gold and rose gold, a piece of jewelry fit for an interior. Once lit, it reflects a bright light with elegant transparencies.

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