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    Mena Hazo means “red tree” in Malagasy. This scented candle is part of the Mikea collection, which celebrates the often-overlooked ancient tribe of Madagascar. The Mikea people have been forced to settle just outside their native forest, in the village of Bodu, unable to live in an environment threatened by constant fires. This scented candle is a blend...

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    The Andromeda scented candle is covered in the same warm and bright colors that corals are known for, often used to make precious objects and adornment. Our signature hand-blown glass takes on a red, orange, and yellow color palette with a coral design straight from the depths of the sea. This decorative candle will easily fit into your interiors, and...

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    Tina Turner’s repertoire, like that of the other queens of Soul, brought its unique flavor to the Disco era. We have chosen to pay homage to Tina Turner’s complex personality, as a woman who was both strong and fragile at times. The Tina scented candle personifies this ambiguity with its handmade metallic glass. Its fascinating blend of colors ranging...

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    Product available with different options

    Baobab Collection’s scented candle “Paris” collection draws its inspiration from the iconic architecture of the Eiffel Tower. As delicate as lace, the serigraphy of the monument’s metallic structure ts around a hand-blown glass container, Whereas the Eiffel Tower powerfully symbolizes Paris, the city is a multifaceted place that reinvents itself season...

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