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    With a dark grey and white glaze, the Terra Negra scented candle will elegantly blend into your interiors.

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    The hand-made cobalt blue ceramic cap adorns the Totem Feathers Touareg bottle with an imaginary turban similar to those worn by the “blue men” of the desert. The opaque white glass is hand-blown with blue confetti details encrusted to give off a feather effect on the glass. 28 cm | 2L 36 cm | 5L

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    According to legend, Russian leather first appeared at the time of the tsars. Having galloped through the endless steppes of Russia, a Cossack warrior gathered around a campfire at nightfall with his fellow riders. He then came up with the idea of rubbing his leather boots with birch bark to make them waterproof. This diffused an extraordinary smell that...

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    The Baobab Collection lighter is made to safely light any type of candle. Covered in full-grain grey leather, its rectangular and contemporary shape makes it a beautiful object of decoration. *The lighter is sold empty. Gas refills are sold separately.

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