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    The Mabhoga scented candle also bears the name of a chief of the Ndebele tribe. The ochre of this candle is reminiscent of the archaic tradition of Ndebele art which used this colour of pigment, as indeed was the case for most African tribes. A jagged beige and black design extends geometrically over the entire candle.

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    Fotsy Hazo means, “grey tree” in Malagasy. This candle’s red ochre base color is a reference to Madagascar’s reputation as the red island, due to its rich earth. The grey tree motif is derived from the colors of the Mikea forest, a dry forest with hundreds of plant species endemic to that region. Embark on another journey to the colorful atmosphere that...

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    Diana Ross was the biggest star of the Motown label for over 20 years. Her Disco repertoire became a hit with “Love Hangover” released in 1976. The Diana candle honors the memory of an elegant star with its handmade metallic glass, in a color scheme ranging from a deep red to an olive green.

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    The Babou candle, with its two pompoms, spelled “Baboho” in Malagasy, is an ode to the root that has allowed the Mikea people to survive in a dry forest with its capacity to store large amounts of water and sugar. The tribe keeps its location a secret. The candle’s multicolored tree motif is a celebration of life, of joy, and of the Malagasy artisans’...

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