Limited Editions 

Limited Editions
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    The Triskell candle's glass is covered in a gold and platinum print with a precious and delicate effect. The transparency of the design against the glass animates the flame and interior of the vase with flamboyance. The Triskell candle is available to offer in Max 10 as a gift box with the same printed motif, and in other sizes as well.

Modernista Vidre
Modernista Ceramica
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    The Fuego outdoor scented candle comes in a ceramic vase with refined enamel details that range from matte and textured, to glossy. Its simultaneously floral and insect-repelling scent will magically spread. Its blend of coral, beige and white will add a warm and mediteranean touch to your terraces.

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    The Agua scented candle concludes the Elements collection’s trio. Its blend of geranium and mint will fit well into your interiors as you leave the door open. With its turquoise, beige, and white vase, this candle will give a holiday feeling to your house.

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    An ode to Donna Summers, also known as the queen of Disco. Her legacy includes epic songs like “I Feel Love” and “Hot Stuff". Inspired by Donna Summers’ feline allure, the Donna scented candle is poured into a glass container with a handmade metallic set of colors ranging from a copper gold to a deep blue.

Jungle Safari
Jungle Mountain
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