For Candles
  • 15.00 € Out of stock

    Essential and minimalist, this accessory will allow you to keep the wicks of your Baobab Collection candle at an ideal length and avoid smoking.

  • 12.00 € In Stock

    The “Feathers” matchbox adapts Yann Legendre’s stunning fresco to fit its frame, and illustrates the collection that bears its name. The box’s lovely aesthetic will brighten and compliment any interior, and allow you to light our collection’s candles.

  • 12.00 € In Stock

    The “Letters” matchbox is decorated with a graphic pattern made from Baobab Collection’s iconic typography. With its classic duo of black and white, this matchbox is a true design object, ready to light candles of all sizes.

  • 12.00 € In Stock

    The “Mikea Warrior” matchbox is adorned with Serge Anton’s photographs, and pays homage to this ancient tribe forced into a sedentary lifestyle. It is the perfect addition to any interior, and a decorative object that can be used to light candles of all sizes.

  • 12.00 € In Stock

    The “Artisans” matchbox celebrates the incredible work done by master craftsmen in Madagascar with a photograph of a man whose craft involves dyeing raffia with natural pigments. The Baobab Collection matchboxes are both utilitarian and decorative, an indispensable tool used to light your candle.

For Diffusers
  • 45.00 € Out of stock

    The Lodge Spray Kit will allow you to spray your favorite home fragrance throughout your home with more intensity.

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