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  • From  78.00 €

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    Platinum is the epitome of sophistication. Inspired by the rarest metal on Earth, its silver white color provides exceptional clarity.

  • 135.00 €

    135.00 € In Stock

    Bright orange full-grain leather adorns the Baobab Collection lighter so as to bring a unique touch of color to your interiors. A torch flame has been designed by the best of engineers in order to light larger candles. *The lighter is sold empty with a gas refill included.

  • 14.00 €

    14.00 € In Stock

    The “Feathers” matchbox adapts Yann Legendre’s stunning fresco to fit its frame, and illustrates the collection that bears its name. The box’s lovely aesthetic will brighten and compliment any interior, and allow you to light our collection’s candles.

  • 175.00 €

    175.00 € In Stock

    It is with a sense of humor that we imagined this very masculine gift box that combines a brown crocodile leather covered lighter with a spray that removes strong smells (i.e. the smell of cold tobacco.) *The lighter is sold empty with a gas refill included.

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