In order to care for your Baobab Collection and get the most out of it, please consult the following instructions:



The quality of our scented candles implies a specific burning protocol. During burning, it’s important to wait for the entire surface of the candle to liquefy before putting it out. This will prevent the formation of craters, which are both aesthetically displeasing and make future burning difficult. The first time you light your candle should be longer than the following times. Put aside some time so that the entire surface may liquefy. The length of this phase varies depending on the size of the candle: A max 10 takes about 3 to 4 hours, a max 16 between 5 and 6 hours, and a max 24 or a maxi max about 8 to 10 hours.

We also recommend that you blow out the candle an hour after the surface has liquefied. This will make the candle last longer since liquid wax evaporates quickly.

Make sure never to leave your candle unattended and not to expose it to sources of heat or wind. Exposing your candle to wind gusts will cause the flame to flicker and give off black smoke.

Also make sure never to burn your candle when it has one centimeter of wax left. Lighting your candle without sufficient wax can cause the glass to burst.


In order to preserve the appearance and shelf life of your scented candle, it’s important to care for it once the flame has been put out. 

We encourage you to keep the instructions booklet that comes with your candle. In order to avoid the formation of soot, please trim the wicks regularly with a maximum height of 0.6cm and clean the interior surface of the glass with an alcohol-free cleaner. After each burning, reposition the wicks at the center if necessary.

You will find all recommended care products for your candle on the ACCESSORIES page.

In order to best care for and burn your Baobab Collection Candle, please consult our “Art of Burning” page, which highlights our security regulations.

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