How do I use the Baobab Collection diffuser? 

The Baobab Collection diffusers are very popular, especially in environments where there is ambivalence about lighting candles, like in rooms or bathrooms. 

The Baobab Collection diffusers contain 500 ml of perfume and are rechargeable. They are shipped with a separate box containing the rattan reeds, either natural or black.


Once the bottle has been removed from its container, twist off the black cap and remove the airtight seal. Reseal the black cap and remove the patch in order to slide in the reeds.

We recommend that you flip the reeds once a week so as to make sure that the scent is consistently being diffused.

The shelf life of a diffuser is at least 5 months. Its ability to last will depend on how often the reeds are flipped, the temperature of the room, and the time of year. Please note that the first half of the diffuser will be used up more quickly since the reeds need to become saturated with liquid in order to diffuse the fragrance.

We recommend not flipping the reeds over a fragile piece of furniture so as not to splash any of the liquid. Make sure to regularly clean the outside of your diffuser, wiping out any perfume that might drip down and stain your furniture.

In order to avoid a circular stain on your furniture from the base of the diffuser, we suggest that you purchase a small base on which to place it, available in our stores and points of sale.

The diffusers should not be handled by children or left near a source of heat (flame or kitchen stove.)

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