My candle is giving off a lot of black smoke. What should I do? 

There are many potential reasons for this: 

The wicks are too long.

We recommend that you cut your wicks down to no longer than 0.6 cm, even if the candle is still burning.

The candle has been burning for too long.

Once the wax is entirely liquid, we recommend that you blow out your candle no later than an hour after this has occurred. Once the surface is liquid, the inner wax of the candle heats up and begins to evaporate very quickly. The candle is then unstable, causing the flame to burn irregularly. The more the flame moves, the more likely it is to give off soot.

The candle is exposed to winds.

This causes the flame to move and give off soot. In this case, either turn the candle or move it to a less exposed area.

The interior of the glass has never been cleaned.

In this case, the accumulated soot from previous burnings falls into the wax and heats up. This blend of soot and wax creates black smoke. It is therefore recommended that you regularly clean your candle with a rag and alcohol-free cleaner (never use an alcohol-based product to clean your candle.)

The candle does not have enough room.

All candles give off a bit of soot. A Maxi Max with 7 wicks is rather high. It therefore requires a considerable ceiling height for the smoke to disperse. Candles of this size are recommended for large spaces.

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