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    The Totem Platinum diffuser will be a precious object in your interiors, as it references the metal from which it draws its name. The glass, hand-blown by our glass artisans, is delicately painted with a platinum tint. The glazed ceramic cap, both matte and bright, is delicately decorated with a lozenge motif that references tribal patterns. 15 cm |...

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    Both masculine and feminine, the Baobab Collection lighter covered in full-grain taupe leather is both a useful and timeless object. Its flat and rectangular shape allows for an easy grip and an efficient lighting process for any type of candle. *The lighter is sold empty with a gas refill included.

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    In a hand-blown glass with green reflections that reference the green nature, the Poetry scented candle is an invitation into the romantic and reflective.

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    The White Flower Talisman is a scented silicone mask that, for 4 months, will release its scent into your wardrobe or intimate spaces of your life.

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