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    In the Feng Shui tradition, it is said that Citrine pearls can regulate energies and bring luck to those who wear them. The Citrine Pearls scented candle pays homage to this mystical stone with the yellow inlays that adorn it.

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    Bright orange full-grain leather adorns the Baobab Collection lighter so as to bring a unique touch of color to your interiors. A torch flame has been designed by the best of engineers in order to light larger candles. *The lighter is sold empty with a gas refill included.

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    Part of the Nirvana limited edition collection, the Holy scented candle is undoubtedly the one that most calls forth the elements. Its hand-blown glass with blue touches allows the flame to project a calming light into your interiors.

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    Resembling a jewel worn by your interiors, the Totem Aurum fragrance diffuser is hand-painted by our glass artisans with a precious gold tint. A tricolored ceramic cap sits atop the bottle, a nod to the dexterity of our ceramic artisans who are masters of an array of glazing techniques. 15 cm | 250ml 28 cm | 2L 36 cm | 5L

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