For Him 

For Him
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    Black leather with a crocodile effect adorns the Baobab Collection lighter, turning it into an elegant object meant for exhibition. Its 18 cm length allows for an ideal grip to light large candles, in conjunction with an efficient and contemporary torch flame. *The lighter is sold empty with a gas refill included.

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    The White Rhino scented candle’s wax evokes, by its color, the mythical animal that inspired it. Its glass sports a subtly iridescent shade of grey that reinforces the decorative nature of this unique object.

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    The Cuir de Russie scented candle takes its name from a famous legend that tsar horsemen rubbed their leather boots with birch bark and that an extraordinary fragrance was released. The mouth-blown glass of the scented candle is painted in a delicate cognac color and will go well in any interior as a beautiful, powerful and masculine decorative object.

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    The Reality scented candle is poured into a pale hand-blown grey glass with troubling and random effects that demonstrate our artisans’ delicate dexterity.

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    Hand-blown by glass artisans, the glass is decorated with black and iridescent details that reference black pearls of the Pacific Ocean. The decorative and sculptural cap is made from glazed ceramic with a graphic relief, an unexpected twist that gives the bottle a tribal and ornate quality. 15 cm | 250ml 28 cm | 2L 36 cm | 5L

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