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    Dyed with a black natural pigment, our fragrance diffusers’ reeds are made of a high quality rattan that allows for a constant and optimal fragrance release. They come in packs of 14 and should be flipped twice a week when used in the 500ml diffusers.

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    Our diffusers’ natural reeds have been carefully selected for their exceptional quality in order to maintain a constant and progressive fragrance release. Made from natural rattan, they come in packs of 14 and a length compatible with our 500ml diffusers.

  • 92.00 €

    The scented candle is a timeless piece of sophistication and elegance. Its marbled glass with intense blue effects perfectly illustrates the amazing personality of Lazuli Stones.

  • 92.00 €

    The scented candle is set in a hand blown glass replicating grey marble with black strokes edged with beige. The elegance of the glass reveals the flame, giving an effect of a luminous stone.

  • 92.00 €

    The glass of the scented candle recalls the magic of the Minas Gerais Brazilian stones. Its shapes are placed in a random way according to the dexterity of the craftsman, giving each candle a unique aspect.

  • 89.00 €

    Printed with a graphic motif that symbolizes the feminine, we chose the subtle hues of a masculine wardrobe: navy blue with a platinum rim. This candle’s classic but precious allure will easily fit into any interior as a new decorative object.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
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