For Fathers' Day 

For Fathers' Day
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    Printed with a graphic motif that symbolizes the feminine, the Gentlemen scented candle’s colors have been carefully selected to match the subtle hues of the masculine wardrobe. This candle’s classic but precious allure make it suitable for any interior as a decorative object.

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    The Singapore scented candle is covered with a platinum silkscreen print and plant colors reminiscent of the futuristic architecture of the Marina Bay gardens.

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    The city of West Palm emerged at the beginning of the 20th century under the direction of Henry Flager who had made the islands of Florida’s east coast accessible to the public. The city owes its name to the lush vegetation of palm trees growing along its beaches.The West Palm scented candle is poured in a hand-blown turquoise glass, engraved with a motif...

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    The Totem Platinum diffuser will be a precious object in your interiors, as it references the metal from which it draws its name. The glass, hand-blown by our glass artisans, is delicately painted with a platinum tint. The glazed ceramic cap, both matte and bright, is delicately decorated with a lozenge motif that references tribal patterns. *The perfume...

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    With glass decorated with an original fresco by artist Yann Legendre, the bottle of the Feathers Touareg home fragrance diffuser is a modern object finished with a black bakelite cap engraved with a root pattern.*The perfume and sticks are included19 cm | 500 ml

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    The Manhattan scented candle is poured in a glass that bears a platinum and navy blue screen-printed design inspired by the art deco architecture of the Chrysler building.8cm | 190gr | 1 wick | Burning 30h

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    Black leather with a crocodile effect adorns the Baobab Collection lighter, turning it into an elegant object meant for exhibition. Its 18 cm length allows for an ideal grip to light large candles, in conjunction with an efficient and contemporary torch flame. *The lighter is sold empty with a gas refill included.

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    It is with a sense of humor that we imagined this very masculine gift box that combines a brown crocodile leather covered lighter with a spray that removes strong smells (i.e. the smell of cold tobacco.) *The lighter is sold empty with a gas refill included.

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