For Her 

For Her
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    Since 2018, Baobab Collection supports BIG against Breast Cancer Foundation. A percentage of the profits from Women candles is donated to BIG. With this collection, Baobab Collection hopes to show its love for women and vows to support a cause that affects everyone in one way or another: breast cancer research. The Women scented candle is delicately...

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    The Palma scented candle is poured in an amber glass reminiscent of the colors of the Mediterranean sun. Hand-engraved with a palm leaf pattern, the Palma scented candle is a beautiful decorative object for your home.The birth of the city of Palma dates back to the Roman Empire. Founded by Quintus Caecillius Metellus, it is said to have been named after...

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    The Hanitra scented candle is handmade by craftswomen of Madagascar. Multicolored leaf patterns have been crocheted into the material, bordered with yellow embroidery reminiscentof plant veins. A burst of color, the Hanitra candle, whose name means, «perfume» in Malagasy, is a decorative object as creative as a fashion accessory, and will spread a floral...

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    The Baobab Collection à Saint Tropez scented candle is decorated with a multicolored and gold silkscreen print based on the roofs of this village’s homes and featuring its mythical bell tower.8cm | 190gr | 1 wick | Burning 30h

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    According to legend, Russian leather first appeared at the time of the tsars. Having galloped through the endless steppes of Russia, a Cossack warrior gathered around a campfire at nightfall with his fellow riders. He then came up with the idea of rubbing his leather boots with birch bark to make them waterproof. This diffused an extraordinary smell that...

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    Totem Tanjung perfume diffusers are large opaline bottles in which subtle colors ranging, from browns to roses, elegantly adorn the glass. *The perfume and sticks are inclduded15cm | 250ml 28cm | 2L36cm | 5L

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    The Pierre de Lune home fragrance diffuser comes in a white opaque glass, a chic object that will match any interior. As our brand’s bestseller, this diffuser is perfect for those looking for a delicate and light perfume.*The perfume and sticks are included19cm | 500ml

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    Bright orange full-grain leather adorns the Baobab Collection lighter so as to bring a unique touch of color to your interiors. A torch flame has been designed by the best of engineers in order to light larger candles. *The lighter is sold empty with a gas refill included.

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