For the Living Room 

For the Living Room
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    Twins Bliss candleholders are made from a hand-blown glass in a mixture of red and saffron yellow. Perched on a gold embossed metal ball, these decorative objects are sold in pairs in a box with matching candlesticks.*Two candle sticks are included

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    The Amazonia scented candle is a hand-blown opaline glass in which turquoise, blue and brown glass confetti is inserted. Each glass is unique, as the color is embedded into the glass in a random fashion. The Amazon rainforest is the largest forest in the world and extends over 7.3 million km2, more than half of which is located in Brazil. Its biodiversity...

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    The White Rhino room fragrance diffuser is a very elegant grey iridescent glass. Its delicately curved bottle is topped by a black bakelite cap engraved with a root pattern that gives the object its highly decorative character.*The perfume and sticks are included 19 cm | 500 ml

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    The Miami scented candle is decorated with a pastel and gold silkscreen print that mimics the architecture of South Beach's art deco buildings.8cm | 190gr | 1 wick | Burning 30h

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    Resembling a jewel worn by your interiors, the Totem Aurum fragrance diffuser is hand-painted by our glass artisans with a precious gold tint. A tricolored ceramic cap sits atop the bottle, a nod to the dexterity of our ceramic artisans who are masters of an array of glazing techniques.*The perfume and sticks are included15 cm | 250ml 28 cm | 2L 36 cm | 5L

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    Chinese ink has long been a prestigious and unique material, made more desirable by the mystery that surrounds its ancestral recipe. Admired by artists and philosophers, it is a material often attributed to calligraphy, as its intense black marks its surface permanently

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    The Baobab Collection lighter is made to safely light any type of candle. Covered in full-grain kaki leather, its rectangular and contemporary shape makes it a beautiful object of decoration.*The lighter is sold empty with a gas refill included.18 cm

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    The Singapore scented candle is covered with a platinum silkscreen print and plant colors reminiscent of the futuristic architecture of the Marina Bay gardens.

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