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1. How long does a Baobab Collection candle burn for?

The following table indicates the approximate burn time for every size:

Max 1060 Hours
Max 16150 Hours
Max 24400 Hours
Maxi Max800 Hours

The above burning times are indicative only and can vary from one model to the other. The indicated burning time assumes a correct usage of the candle.

A candle with an already liquid wax gets used up faster than a candle with partially solid wax. For that reason, we recommend that you blow out your candle an hour after the wax has completely liquefied. This will allow it to last longer. 

2. How do I properly burn my Baobab Collection candle? 

In order to care for your Baobab Collection and get the most out of it, please consult the following instructions:



The quality of our scented candles implies a specific burning protocol. During burning, it’s important to wait for the entire surface of the candle to liquefy before putting it out. This will prevent the formation of craters, which are both aesthetically displeasing and make future burning difficult. The first time you light your candle should be longer than the following times. Put aside some time so that the entire surface may liquefy. The length of this phase varies depending on the size of the candle: A max 10 takes about 3 to 4 hours, a max 16 between 5 and 6 hours, and a max 24 or a maxi max about 8 to 10 hours.

We also recommend that you blow out the candle an hour after the surface has liquefied. This will make the candle last longer since liquid wax evaporates quickly.

Make sure never to leave your candle unattended and not to expose it to sources of heat or wind. Exposing your candle to wind gusts will cause the flame to flicker and give off black smoke.

Also make sure never to burn your candle when it has one centimeter of wax left. Lighting your candle without sufficient wax can cause the glass to burst.


In order to preserve the appearance and shelf life of your scented candle, it’s important to care for it once the flame has been put out. 

We encourage you to keep the instructions booklet that comes with your candle. In order to avoid the formation of soot, please trim the wicks regularly with a maximum height of 0.6cm and clean the interior surface of the glass with an alcohol-free cleaner. After each burning, reposition the wicks at the center if necessary.

You will find all recommended care products for your candle on the ACCESSORIES page.

In order to best care for and burn your Baobab Collection Candle, please consult our “Art of Burning” page, which highlights our security regulations.

3. How are the Baobab Collection candles and diffusers made?

Baobab Collection candles and interior scents bring together exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality raw materials.


A Baobab Collection Candle is one made by hand and with great care. Each candle is hand blown by master glass craftsmen with a unique ancestral knowledge. Every candle is therefore unique. The wax is then hand poured, and can require up to six successive layers and four days of labor.

Once the wax has been poured, the candles are carefully cleaned. They then receive their attributed label and black ribbon by hand and are packed in a Baobab Collection box. 

Raw materials

The Materials used are meticulously selected in order to create a scented candle of the highest quality.  All ingredients are sourced in Europe.

We use a high-quality wax, made in Germany. The glass is hand-blown in Poland, and the Egyptian cotton wicks are assembled in Germany. Our limited edition leather comes from Italy. Finally, all fragrances are developed by the greatest aroma facilities in Grasse and Switzerland.

 In order to find out more about our fabrication process, we invite you to visit our Our Craftmanship page. 

4. Are Baobab Collection candles refillable? 

Due to their artisanal fabrication, Baobab Collection candles are not refillable.

Since the glass is hand-blown, each container is unique. Each one’s size and shape varies. It is therefore impossible to create a recharge that can fit all candles. 

5. My candle doesn’t burn evenly, what should I do? 

It’s possible that your candle has been placed on an uneven surface. In that case, simply turn your candle. 

It’s also possible that your candle has been placed in a drafty area. In that case, either turn your candle or place it in an area less exposed to wind. 

It’s important that the surface of your candle always remain on an even surface in order to avoid the formation of holes that could drown the wicks. We therefore recommend that you do not put out your candle before the surface has entirely liquefied.

6. My candle’s flames are very small and the wicks look like they’re drowning. What should I do?

There are many potential reasons for this:

-  When the surface of the wax is almost entirely liquid, the flames sometimes shrink for 1 to 2 hours before the level of the candle evens out.

-   When there is only a few cm of wax left in your candle, less air can access the flame. Blow out your candle and re-light it at least fifteen minutes later. The flames will burn brighter.

7. My candle is giving off a lot of black smoke. What should I do? 

There are many potential reasons for this: 

The wicks are too long.

We recommend that you cut your wicks down to no longer than 0.6 cm, even if the candle is still burning.

The candle has been burning for too long.

Once the wax is entirely liquid, we recommend that you blow out your candle no later than an hour after this has occurred. Once the surface is liquid, the inner wax of the candle heats up and begins to evaporate very quickly. The candle is then unstable, causing the flame to burn irregularly. The more the flame moves, the more likely it is to give off soot.

The candle is exposed to winds.

This causes the flame to move and give off soot. In this case, either turn the candle or move it to a less exposed area.

The interior of the glass has never been cleaned.

In this case, the accumulated soot from previous burnings falls into the wax and heats up. This blend of soot and wax creates black smoke. It is therefore recommended that you regularly clean your candle with a rag and alcohol-free cleaner (never use an alcohol-based product to clean your candle.)

The candle does not have enough room.

All candles give off a bit of soot. A Maxi Max with 7 wicks is rather high. It therefore requires a considerable ceiling height for the smoke to disperse. Candles of this size are recommended for large spaces.

8. How do I use the Baobab Collection diffuser? 

The Baobab Collection diffusers are very popular, especially in environments where there is ambivalence about lighting candles, like in rooms or bathrooms. 

The Baobab Collection diffusers contain 500 ml of perfume and are rechargeable. They are shipped with a separate box containing the rattan reeds, either natural or black.


Once the bottle has been removed from its container, twist off the black cap and remove the airtight seal. Reseal the black cap and remove the patch in order to slide in the reeds.

We recommend that you flip the reeds once a week so as to make sure that the scent is consistently being diffused.

The shelf life of a diffuser is at least 5 months. Its ability to last will depend on how often the reeds are flipped, the temperature of the room, and the time of year. Please note that the first half of the diffuser will be used up more quickly since the reeds need to become saturated with liquid in order to diffuse the fragrance.

We recommend not flipping the reeds over a fragile piece of furniture so as not to splash any of the liquid. Make sure to regularly clean the outside of your diffuser, wiping out any perfume that might drip down and stain your furniture.

In order to avoid a circular stain on your furniture from the base of the diffuser, we suggest that you purchase a small base on which to place it, available in our stores and points of sale.

The diffusers should not be handled by children or left near a source of heat (flame or kitchen stove.)

9. How do I use a Baobab Collection refill?

The refills contain 500 ml of diffuser liquid.

It is important to pour the entire refill into the diffuser in order to preserve the fragrance and protect the liquid from the detrimental effects of UV rays.

The shelf life of the refill is identical to that of the diffuser.

When pouring the refill, make sure never to let the diffuser overflow, since it could damage some diffuser containers and your furniture.

The diffuser refills should not be handled by children or left near a source of heat (flame or kitchen stove.) 

10. Are the Baobab Collection lighters under warranty? 

Our lighters are under a 2-year warranty. To activate your warranty, please log in to your account or create one. Once on your My Account page you will be able to register your lighter on the My Warranties page.

Purchasing Baobab Collection From Resale Locations
1. How do I locate a Baobab Collection retailer closest to me? 

You can find our products at a number of locations worldwide. Please consult our Stores page to find the closest location to you.

Online Purchase
1. What payment types do you accept online? 

On payments can be securely made by credit card, VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, Sofort Banking, Ing Homepay, KBC/CBC, Belfius, Bancontact/MisterCash, iDEAL, Multibanco, Payshop, Boleto Bancario, Cielo, SDD SEPA, Sisal, or Przelewy24. Please contact our "Contact" page, our team should you have any further questions.

2. How can I check the status of my order? 

Upon reception of your order, Baobab Collection will send you an order number.
You may contact the following email address:
Further questions please include your order number in any inquiry so that we can more assist you in an efficient manner.

3. Is it possible to receive a gift wrap and a gift note with my order? 

The Baobab Collection Scented candles are great gifts, for others or even for yourself. With that in mind, it is possible to have a gift wrap by selecting that option when placing your order. For a highly personalized touch, it is possible to add a customized gift card to your order. 

4. Are the transactions processed on your website secured?

At Baobab Collection client confidentiality is a priority. A secure payment system has been put in place in order to protect every order.
All payments are processed via an external payment platform – Hipay, with 3D secure, a high-security payment system.

Moreover, you will be able to store your personal information (name, address, email, and purchase history) on your account and save time during your next purchase. 

5. Can I make online purchases? 

In order to make Baobab Collection products available to everyone, it is now possible to purchase them online on our e-commerce platform.

First select the product you are interested in and click on “add to cart.”
Once you have placed the items in your cart, visit the “Cart” page in order to review your order. You will be able to delete items from your cart should you wish to do so.

Now click on the “payment” button.
If this is your first order, please create an account by filling in your personal information.
If you have ordered Baobab Collection products online before, sign in with the email address and password you selected when you first created your account.

In order to complete your order, fill in your billing address, shipping address, and payment information.

Once the transaction has been confirmed, you will immediately receive a confirmation email with the details of your order.

1. How much does shipping cost? How long does it take to receive my order?

We are making every effort to process your orders as quickly as possible. Delivery is usually made within 3 to 8 business days. Due to Brexit, please note that delays to the UK are longer than usual. 

Delivery country

Belgium, Germany,  Luxembourg

France (except DOM-TOM and Corsica), The Netherlands

Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy (Sardinia and Sicily included), Latvia, Lithuania, Monaco, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

United Kingdom

Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Romania


7,5€ / £7.5

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15€ / £15

18€ / £18

Free shipping above

150€ / £150

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For delivery to the islands or for more information, please contact our customer service.

To ship orders in or to the US and Canada.please use our US site

2. How long does it take you to process an order? 

All orders made on our website before 12 (HNE) between Monday and Friday (except holidays) will be processed within 2 business days. 

3. How do I enter my shipping information? 

Please confirm your selection and your account information, after which you will be able to type in your shipping and billing address.

4. Where do you ship ?

Our European online store only ships to Europe. To ship to the US or Canada, visit our US store at

1. Is it possible to return purchases made online through one of Baobab Collection’s retailers?

All purchases made online through other retailers cannot be exchanged or returned to Baobab Collection directly. To find out more about our return policy, please consult the “Returns” section of this FAQ.

2. May I return my order if I’m not satisfied with it? How to return my products?

At Baobab Collection, we always hope that you are happy with your order. If, however, this isn’t the case, you may return one or more of your products by following the instructions listed below.

You may only return your ordered items within 14 days of receiving the order. They must be in their original packaging, unopened and unused. You are also responsible for the shipping costs involved in returning these items. We will deduct the cost of shipping from the amount reimbursed to you upon reception of the returned items. 

Please follow the procedure :

Log onto your account, and proceed to the “Order History” page.

Select the order that you’d like to return, click on the items you’d like to return, and describe your reason for return in the “comments” section. Select the “Create a return slip” to confirm your request. 

As soon as we have approved your request, you will receive an email entitled “Awaiting return package.”

Print the return slip and place it inside the package.

Place the DPD label at the top of your package.

Make sure that the product is in its original packaging and condition.

Choose a drop-off location to ship out your package on the DPD website

3. Is it possible to obtain a reimbursement in the event that the merchandise was damaged during shipping?

When collecting your order, check with the deliverer that the products are in good condition and have not been damaged during shipping.

It is normal for the box to have some marks, but if the merchandise has any significant damage, do not accept the package and immediately hand the box back to the deliverer.

1. Are transactions made on your website secured? 

We use the latest security technology in order to guarantee that all information related to transactions is protected in accordance with industry standards. This information includes credit card numbers, personal information, any other names and addresses you provide, and account history.
Every time you log onto your Baobab Collection account to make a new purchase, you must enter all of the information related to your credit card in order to ensure maximum protection.

2. What is your policy on personal information? 

In order to place an order on the Baobab Collection website, you must be signed up and provide personal information, including your email address. We will use this information to confirm your order and to contact you in case of any problems relating to your order.
We vow not to send you any information or documentation that you have not directly requested, unless you have indicated that you would like to be kept informed regarding news, offers, events, etc.
Please note all of the information you have provided on our website will be security stored.

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