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    The Ravina scented candle is crocheted by hand by our craftswomen in Madagascar. It carries the evocative name of Ravina, which means «foliage» in Malagasy. Natural leaf motifs are embroidered with ochre raffia threads, giving an elegant allure to this candle, a truly decorative object. Its fresh scent of mint and vetiver evokes the freshness of a summer...

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    Both masculine and feminine, the Baobab Collection lighter covered in full-grain taupe leather is both a useful and timeless object. Its flat and rectangular shape allows for an easy grip and an efficient lighting process for any type of candle. *The lighter is sold empty with a gas refill included.

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    Totem Mayumbe fragrance diffusers are available in 5 liters, 2 liters and Mini Totem. Their handblown opaline glass is sprinkled with colors in shades of blue and saffron, making this diffuser a truly decorative object. It bears a white enameled ceramic stopper, made by our Portuguese craftsmen. Their perfume with notes of cinnamon wood and galbanum will...

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    The Palma scented candle is poured in an amber glass reminiscent of the colors of the Mediterranean sun. Hand-engraved with a palm leaf pattern, the Palma scented candle is a beautiful decorative object for your home.

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