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    The Platinum scented candle is the brand’s iconic model. Its precious glass reveals the flames, giving your interiors an unmatched glow as it releases a fragrance with fresh notes into your interiors.

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    The Roma scented candle is covered with a gold and multicoloured silk-screen print depicting the Colosseum's legendary architecture. We've reinterpreted it with flair, giving it a rich, sophisticated look in which the gold and colourful friezes are reminiscent of the ceilings in Renaissance monuments.

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    Hand-blown by glass artisans, the glass is decorated with black and iridescent details that reference black pearls of the Pacific Ocean. The decorative and sculptural cap is made from glazed ceramic with a graphic relief, an unexpected twist that gives the bottle a tribal and ornate quality. *The perfume and sticks are included  250ml | 8.4fl.oz |...

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    The Baobab Collection lighter is made to safely light any type of candle. Covered in full-grain grey leather, its rectangular and contemporary shape makes it a beautiful object of decoration. *The lighter is sold empty with a gas refill included.

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